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Furnace Fall Maintenance Check

Make sure you and your family stay warm all winter.

We have 4 tips for making sure your furnace runs smoothly this winter season and your home is getting the proper heat.

  1. Change your filter. Buy your disposable filters a few at a time. Mark your calendar so you don’t forget to replace them every month, or whenever the replacement interval of your filters is up.

  2. Clean your vents. You can do a pretty good job of this with a vacuum hose attachment, but if you really want to deep clean, remove your vent covers and scrub them in warm, soapy water.

  3. Make sure your furnace can breathe. Are your vents blowing warm air toward the center of the room? Are any of them blocked? Find every vent in each room and make sure the air has a clear path.

  4. Check your thermostat. Test the temperatures on your thermostat to make sure your furnace turns on. If you smell a light burning, don't worry it should go away quickly. If not, turn your furnace off right away. This is a good time to replace the batteries on your thermostat so it doesn't fail you.

  5. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector/alarm on every floor. If you already have some, test them. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas sometimes produced by oil-, gas- and wood-burning appliances (furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, etc.) and can be fatal. You can buy plugin carbon monoxide alarms that plug into your electrical outlets or you can buy some that get wired directly into your electrical system.

Contact Us at 613-834-0545 and we'll send over a professional technician to run a maintenance check. This may cost you a bit each year, but it’s less expensive than replacing your entire system.

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