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Does My Gas Fireplace Require Maintenance?

Ottawan's know how cold Ontario winter can be, so we appreciate the homey warmth and comfort provided by a gas fireplace. In addition to being a clean, efficient and economical way to boost your home’s main heat source, a gas fireplace requires far less attention and effort than a wood fireplace.

However, it's important to schedule a maintenance check up for your gas fireplace as it can develop several potentially dangerous. For example Buildup of dust, dirt and dead insects build up in the orifices and burner ports of your fireplace, causing it to burn inefficiently or not at all. Dirty or loose wiring connections can cause problems, and worn gaskets can allow poisonous carbon monoxide to filter into your living area. Even ceramic logs can deteriorate over time, clogging vents and burner ports.

Book your gas fireplace maintenance now. You can call us at (613) 834-0545 or use our handy Online Booking Feature.

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