PAYNE Air Conditioners

Keeping your family happy can be a challenge, but keeping it comfortable is no problem when you put your trust in Payne®. We understand that all homes are not created equally, so It's important to offer a complete and varied line of effective, efficient and affordable air conditioners. No matter which model you choose, you'll enjoy the quiet, efficient cooling undisturbed from the first time you turn it on. And, you can expect comfort and savings to continue for years because Payne products are designed, built and tested for long lasting operation.



When keeping it simple is your bottom line, take a look at our entry-level air conditioner. This budget-friendly model includes a single-stage compressor for good, solid cooling performance. Enjoy the comfort knowing you've put your trust in Payne®.

PA13NA - 

  • 13 SEER cooling 

  • 11 EER cooling 


  • 2.5 Ton

  • 13 SEER 



Enjoy the comfort and savor the savings. This 17 SEER air conditioner with single-stage scroll compressor delivers relief from summer's heat with reduced energy use you can really appreciate. It's built to last and because it's ENERGY STAR® qualified, it'll keep the savings coming for years.

  • Up to 17 SEER cooling 

  • 12 EER cooling 

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified 



Take your comfort to another level with our two-stage air conditioner. With nearly continuous, low stage operation, it delivers on several levels - extra-efficient with up to 17 SEER cooling, even temperatures, and whisper-quiet performance. Then, high-stage operation ensures continued comfort as conditions warrant.


  • Up to 17 SEER cooling 

  • Up to 13 EER cooling 

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified 


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